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W. Ford Doolittle

PhD (Stanford), FRSC

Professor Emeritus

Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences
Department member since 1971

Tupper 8-A2
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Genomics, Molecular Phylogeny, Gene Transfer

Research Areas

Our research focuses on the evolution of genes and genomes. We use standard methods of molecular genetics and sophisticated computer algorithms to reconstruct phylogenies from gene sequences and to understand genome evolution as a process. Questions of recent interest include the following. (1) Introns -- are they relics of precellular gene assembly or quasi-transposable elements? (2) Origins of eukaryotic genomes -- to what extent are eukaryotic nuclear genomes chimeric, made up of genes of bacterial and archaeal origin, and what processes were involved in their creation? (3) Early events (gene duplications) in eukaryotic nuclear genome evolution -- can we use these to determine branching order among eukaryotes, and do they suggest a rapid "radiation" at the base of the eukaryotes? (4) Role of lateral gene transfer in evolution -- is this process so pervasive, among prokaryotes, that it is impossible to define phylogenetic relationships at the highest level? (5) Neutral models for the evolution of molecular complexity -- can we understand many complex molecular mechanisms as an unavoidable cellular "bureaucracy"? In the last year, we have also begun to focus on questions and methods in environmental microbiology, looking at gene transfer in natural systems.

Lab Personnel

Wanda Danilchuk Research Assistant


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