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W. Ford Doolittle

PhD (Stanford), FRSC

Professor Emeritus

Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences
Department member since 1971

Tupper 8-A2


Genomics, Molecular Phylogeny, Gene Transfer

Research Areas

I examine prevailing concepts in genomics, molecular biology and microbial ecology, most often as these reflect understandings of evolution by natural selection. Particular concerns are multilevel selection theory, selection for differential persistence (instead of differential reproduction), holobiosis and selection on cycles and interactions, microbiology and the Modern Synthesis, origin of eukaryotes and cellular complexity, lateral gene transfer and the Tree of Life, and the meaning of “function”.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Aaron Novick PhD, University of Pittsburg
Jeremy Wideman PhD, University of Alberta

Lab Personnel

Wanda Danilchuk Research Assistant


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